Meadowfield Farm Goat’s Cheese Mousse with Forest Berry Sauce

In a bowl, combine the berries, vanilla and coconut sugar. Mix well and let the berries sit at room temp for at least 15 minutes to allow them to release the juice. 

Meanwhile, add the goat’s cheese and goat’s milk to a mixing bowl. 

To extract the coconut milk, flip the can of cold coconut milk upside down, open it and drain the coconut water from the can (this can be reserved for drinking or used in a different recipe). 

Add the white, solid coconut cream and vanilla extract to the bowl. Using an electric hand mixer, whip the mixture until soft and creamy- approx 3-4 minutes. Once whipped, gently swirl in the jam. Cover the bowl and place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Divide the forest fruit sauce between 5-6 small dessert bowls or glasses. Next, take the mousse out of the freezer and spoon over the fruit evenly. Cover the bowls/glasses and place them in the fridge for at least 2.5 hours or until ready to serve.

Top each portion with coconut, chocolate and drizzle with maple or golden syrup if desired.

Forest Berry Sauce 

2 cups of forest fruit berries (can use frozen)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 tablespoon coconut sugar or granulated sugar

Goats Milk Mousse

120g of cold Meadowfield Farm goat’s cheese

1/2 cup of cold Meadowfield Farm goat’s milk 

30 gram can of cold full-fat coconut milk (put in the fridge overnight),

¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract

1-2 tablespoon strawberry or blackcurrant jam

5-6 tablespoons of golden or maple syrup for serving

toasted coconut and chopped chocolate for serving