John Joe & Marisa Roche began their adventure in goat farming in 2015.

John Joe’s family had always been involved in dairy farming but he and Marisa were looking for something a little different to set up for themselves.
Coming from Donnybrook with a background in the beauty industry, Marisa was
aware of the fabulous health benefits of goat’s milk. Not only as an alternative for the growing number of children and adults who have issues with cows milk, but as a moisturising soap or lotion to nourish the skin and help with dry skin and the symptoms of conditions like eczema.

At the time, there was nobody else supplying the goat’s milk market in Wexford.
They both felt that a dairy goat farming could be a golden opportunity.
The Roche family farm in scenic Screen, Co. Wexford, was converted from a regular cows milk dairy farm to accommodate goats.
John Joe and Marisa had built their own home in a field called The Big Meadow on the farm and Meadowfield Farm became the name of their new business.

They started out with 100 Saanen, Toggenburg, and Nubian breed goats bought from Ireland’s top goat breeder in County Tipperary.

One of the stone out-houses was converted into the dairy where they now pasteurise and bottle non homogenised milk for Health food stores, Farm shops, SuperValu stores and good, independent retailers throughout Ireland.

The quality of the milk they delivered established a strong reputation for Meadowfield and sales continue to grow.

John Joe and Marisa then began producing a delicious soft goat’s cheese, using a traditional farmhouse method of handcutting the curd and straining through a special muslin cloth which gives the cheese a silky smooth texture.
Recently, a beautifully moisturising natural goat’s milk lotion and soap have been added to the range of products. Marisa makes both of these by hand on the farm using only the most natural ingredients – milk from the Meadowfield Farm goats – so they are suitable for all skin types.

At Meadowfield Farm, the goats are the VIP’S – only a happy, well cared for goat will produce good quality milk so John Joe makes sure that they are
contented at all times, with outdoor access and the best of a fresh grass and herb diet and healthcare. The goats are milked daily and the milk and cheese will be in retail outlets the following morning – you can’t get fresher than that!

Look out for Meadowfield Farm goats milk products in good retail stores and on menus in great hotels and restaurants.